What we offer

I support organisations to strengthen their purpose and to create space for innovation, an enabling culture and build (leadership) capabilities to master challenges.

Additionally, I advise leaders, investors, start-ups to prepare for scaling up from scratch or on how to continue scaling up(from a People, Culture and Organizational development perspective).

My professional experience encompasses HR/OD/Assessment consultancy, corporate strategic Talent and succession planning roles (European and global) and management team member in a fast growing med tech start-up.


Interim management in people roles

Purpose-Vision-Strategy to prepare for change

  • Purpose and Vision Facilitation 
  • Developing your strategy
  • Effective communication on your purpose & vision story
  • Anchoring new behaviours in the organisation (For Leaders trainings)

Using the potential of your start-ups/scale ups

  • Assessment of the strengths and development areas of individuals and at team level to define development measures 
  • Peer learning between organisations (within a portfolio)
  • Defining HR from scratch, having a People and Organization development roadmap:
  • Recruiting, onboarding, talent development process, employer branding, culture and organizational development

Your Development

  • Individual development to understand the why of a change leader
  • Coaching (diverse methods such as CET, systems theory)
  • Tools for insights: (MBTI, Core quadrants, Feedback)
  • Leadership development trainings/journeys
  • Building and leading a highly collaborative team
  • Crafting a Leadership signature/framework


  • Team development to master the capabilities to drive change
  • Peer action learning
  • High performing team journeys
  • Use of tools to develop understanding of team dynamics 
  • Collaboration: multidisciplinary, tools, methods, communication