About me

My name is Ingeborg Molster. I sense people and people dynamics. I am driven to co-create a purpose-driven, development-oriented and innovative environment. Leaving a sustainable mark within an organization is one of my main goals while working with people and teams. 


My approach

I love to connect, discover, find and explore the potential of people and organisations. I am fascinated by people, teams and their organizational context: I consult, create, train and coach them for impact. I love to tackle challenges in the crossing field of HR, organizational development, leadership and strategy.

Nowadays, I support start-ups (investors & founders) to prepare for scaling up & advise leaders in bigger organizations on innovation, leadership and success through people. Becoming a purposeful and development-focused employer with a fit for purpose organizational set up. Actively and cross-functionally supporting the founders and leaders on the ‚how to‘ in their business. To collectively build a true identity and execute with a spirit. A workplace where they are proud of growth both business wise and as a person.

My approach can be described as: straight forward, pragmatic, creative, focused, intuitive and empathetic.

My story

Most recently, I was Head of People and Academy in a fast-growing start-up in a med tech start-up in Berlin. In my 20 years career, I have learnt a lot on leadership, talent development, cross- cultural collaboration, and organisational development. I am a trained psychologist, interculturalist and organizational developer who holds an MBA degree focused on Entrepreneurship. I have experience translating valuable insights into actionable steps for big corporations such as Mars Inc., but have also worked for startups with growing pains and in people- and organizational consultancy.

I am from the Netherlands, grew up in Switzerland and have lived in the United States, South America and Belgium. I currently live in Berlin, where I enjoy the multicultural buzz. A fun fact, I am married to an inventor in medical technology, which means I eat prototypes for breakfast…